CA Preventer Cab

Very compact, the non-controllable CAb backflow preventer with different pressure zones protects drinking water installations against the backflow of polluted water (class 3 fluids) due to upstream underpressure or downstream overpressure. The CAb backflow preventer is based on a double check valve system with an intermediate relief valve. The CAb backflow preventer has been specially designed for the (re)filling of central heating systems in case of low flow rates. It can be used, for example, as an OEM device for central heating boilers with a maximum capacity of 70 kW or as a protection in (automatic) central heating boiler (automatic) filling systems with a maximum capacity of ≤45 kW or ≤70 kW, depending on national regulations and requirements. The CAb backflow preventer has been developed in accordance with EN 1717 and EN 14367 (CAb). Brass body. - Fluid: drinking water. - Nominal diameter: DN6 - DN10. - Nominal operating temperature: 65 °C. - Peak temperature: 90 °C for 1 hour per day. - Max. working pressure: 50 bar. : 1,000 kPa (10 bar). - Approvals : Belgaqua, NF, Kiwa.
Nr kat.
 Parts number  Type  DN  PU
 1515152  CAb 10  1/4" MM  90 
Other versions available on request.