EB Preventer plastic IN-serie

IN check valves are compliant with the regulation of NF Antipollution brand.
According to the EN 1717, these EB type check valves are incorporated in a device, and guarantee a drinking water protection against a risk of pollution from a fluid of category 2.
The design of IN check valve is an advantage for OEM application with side-connection (as gauge connection).
The O’ring can be mounted first and secondly the checkvalve itself. In this way the O’ring will not be damaged by sharp edges of the side connection..
• Minimum head loss
• Noiseless operation due to a split obturator
• Does not generate hammering
• Compact and easy to fit
• Axial guidance oburator with return spring
• Excellente water tightness at high or low back pressure ensured by an especially designed lip-seal
• Meets the requirements of all europeans aprovals

• Application
Sanitary taps
Thermostatic mixing valve
Water meter
EA antipollution devices EA, CA

• Approvals: ACS, NF, KIWA, Belgaqua , WRAS , DVGW, SVGW, SSIGE, NSF, VA, Australian Water Quality
Parametry techniczne
Working pressure: 10 bar
Working condition: -10°C to 65°C . Maxi 85°C 1h/day
Body: POM
Obturator: POM
Seal: EPDM
O-ring: EPDM
Spring: Stainless steel

Nr kat.
Type DN
PFA (bar)
Part number
Weight (kg)
IN015 15 1/2"
4.3 2224003 0,0017
IN020 20 3/4"
2224004 0,003
IN025 25 1"
10 4.3 2224007 0,0072
IN032 32 1"1/4
10 4.3 2224005 0,015
IN040 40 1"1/2
10 4.3 2224006 0,023
IN050 50 2"
10 4.3 2224002 0,056