Balancing valve for radiant heating system Series MH

Valve Series MH is a device for hydraulic balancing and flow control in radiant heating systems. The possibility of adjustment of the pressure drop makes it adaptable to different installations and different flow.
Valve Series MH (Magic Hat) is a solution that allows eliminating flow fluctuations and consequently temperature variations in the branches of the heating system, ensuring a better comfort.
Connection: inlet G 1” union nut, outlet G 1” male thread. Including capillary pipe with connections G 1/8” male thread.
Dane techniczne
Max. pressure: 10 bar
Operating temperature: 50 - 80°C
Max. ∆p: 2 bar
Adjustment range: 15-50KPa
Kvs: 5,6

Nr kat.
Type Part no. WII Part no. WIDE
MH MH001WB 10070293