Suitable for applications where the ends of pipes need to be anchored.
Fix points must be installed to absorb the possible effects of thermal expansion / shrinkage of the PEX-a transport pipes. The non-application of fix points may result in serious damage.
Parametry techniczne
• Bronze
• Conical Male Thread (ISO 7)
• Parallel Female Thread (ISO 228)
Nr kat.

Art. No.    Thread (inch)   
MFP34 3/4" MF
MFP44 1" MF 
MFP 54 1 1/4" MF
MFP64 1 1/2" MF
MFP2 2" MF
MFP212     2 1/2" MF
MFP3 3" MF
MFP4 4" MF