Reducing bush


Reducing bush in brass with parallel male and female thread according to ISO 228.

Nr kat.

Art. No.  Thread (inch) 
VW2414434  1”Mx3/4”F 
VW2415434  1 1/4”Mx3/4”F 
VW2415444  1 1/4”Mx1”F 
VW2416434  1 1/2”Mx3/4”F 
VW2416444  1 1/2”Mx1”F 
VW2416454  1 1/2”Mx11/4”F 
VW241234  2”Mx3/4”F 
VW241244  2”Mx1”F 
VW241254  2”Mx11/4”F 
VW241264  2”Mx11/2”F 
VW24121254    2 1/2”Mx11/4”F     
VW24121264    2 1/2”Mx11/2”F 
VW2412122  2 1/2”Mx2”F 
VW241344  3”Mx1”F 
VW241354  3”Mx11/4”F 
VW241364  3”Mx11/2”F 
VW24132  3”Mx2”F 
VW2413212  3”Mx21/2”F 
VW24142  4”Mx2”F 
VW2414212  4”Mx21/2”F 
VW24143  4”Mx3”F